Adword Search Query Performance Report

Did you know that you can create a “Search Query Performance Report” from your Pay Per Click campaign? What is so special about this report?  Let’s say that you’ve been running your ads for 15 days in a very competitive market and you’re not getting any conversions.

With this search report you can see what visitors are searching that triggers your ad. Knowing this can help you make some changes in your ad or the landing page that visitors are viewing.  The position of the ad are shown with the click through rate percentage. The high percentage reading indicates the ad is a hit.

To view your search report for your Google Adwords, go to reporting and scroll down to reports.  This will take you to the report center, you want to create similar for the report.  Give the report a name like “restaurant consultants” and be sure to click on search query performance.

Once the search report is created, the idea is to pay attention to the keywords and the CTR.  Which means the click through rate, when visitor clicks on the ad because they were compelled to.  The higher the percentage the better.

Any questions about this invaluable source of info on your traffic, please give us a holler!


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