Better Conversions With Higher Costs Per Click

Businesses that advertises on Google Adwords tries to maintain a low cost per click, to stay within their budget. From a low cost view, yes this may be the best approach. But, sometimes the answer is raising the bid on your click that can help your conversions on a product or service.

Scenario 1

Think about this scenario, you’re thinking low cost for the click, well that also means the positioning of your ads will either be at the very bottom of the list or on the 4th or 5th page of the Search Engines, depending on how competitive your market is.

Studies shown by private companies like Stompernet has shown what was once considered the sweet spot on the Ad positioning is now considered to be the “zero positioning”. Meaning you get less click throughs, due to the positioning. (no $) This is an overall observation, may not apply to all markets.

If you’re in a services market like bath remodeling, replacement windows, or restaurant consultants. You might want to not think about being the cheapest on your clicks. However, for a product like cell phones, or steak seasonings, there still may be a sweet spot, but a little higher up on the ladder. A big factor that every marketers will debate is what if you have a kick ass Ad, and it doesn’t matter where your ad is, people will click on it. (is what they hope)

These words are not written in stones, but as an overall observation. For your own product or service you should be tracking this to know what works for you.

Think Higher Cost Per Click
Think about raising the bid on your cost per click to get a higher positioning, so people can see your kick ass Ad.  Also, cut out the unnecessary keywords not relevant to your ad. Your ad will now only shown to a more in tune people, thus giving you more qualified traffic and increasing your conversions.

Any other help, just give us a shout, thanks!


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