Winning PPC Strategies


Using Google Adwords (PPC) for getting traffic is a quick way to get targeted visitors. Using any form of paid search is a great way to get instant traffic if your website is not ranked for a specific keyword phrase.  One big complaint with Google Adwords is that Google  charges too much money for the clicks.

After a long conversation we usually find out, most businesses just put in the keywords that they think is in their industry, create an ad and just turn it on with a budget. Here are some problems that we see within this process. First off this isn’t really a problem, the problem lies within the process, and they are:

  • Keyword Research – do your keyword research first with a combo of different tools, such as Google Adword keyword tools, NicheWatch, and Wordtracker.
  • Keyword Commercial Intent – This keyword tool by MSN figures out the intent of the phrases. The higher the percent the better, thus meaning a consumer is looking to buy, and not researching!
  • Choose only a few Keyword phrases in your industry. For example, lets say you’re a consultant in the food industry and after some researching you see some high searches for a term that identifies itself high on the commercial intent for say “restaurant business plans” and “restaurant consultants
  • Write several ads per keyword phrases. Within Google Adwords you can have Google rotate the ads when consumer searches for the terms. What this does is that you’re tracking which ad is the winner.
  • Create a Landing Page – This page is not your home page, this is a specific page about the keyword phrase in your Ad. The sole purpose in life of this page is to get people to take action. They either will buy, opt in to get more info, bounce, or whatever your scheme is. Figure out what your purpose is.
  • Bid for a higher position. Don’t think low  if you’re in a competitive market. The key is visibility with a kick ass Ad. Have your budgeting in place on what you can afford, even if it means paying a little higher for the click with a low $15.00 a day budget. The information about your visitors is worth the price. You will know what keyword phrases works for your business not your competitor.

Last Advice

Here’s the last advice, you are in control of the budgeting and geographic location when you have the ads turned on. You can turn it on at certain time of the day, and for a short period of time, and of course you can stay within your budget. Yes you won’t get all the information about the traffic all at once but within a short period of time you will. This is the best bang for your PPC buck!

There is more to it, but this is a great start for the newbies that are thinking of advertising online. If you’re in business, chances are you’re advertising thru word of mouth or thru the radio, TV’s, newspaper, magazine, online, etc… Bottom line is you’re going to be spending on something. What better way to spend on your advertisement than PPC when you have better control of your spending vs the other methods mentioned. Need help, questions, let us know.


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