Estimate Search Traffic Button

The use of “estimate search traffic” button is an invaluable tool to use in your Google Adwords campaign. Most businesses misunderstand the importance’s of its function. There is more to it than thinking ok this will cost me $30 to $100/day for this “concrete floor coatings” in the paint industry.

When broken down the traffic estimator factors in many things, here is something to consider:

  • Keyword Phrases – Competitiveness
  • Geographics – Metro or Rural, Local or Nationwide
  • Minimum CPC (cost per click) – Should be configured to your budget
  • Daily Budget – Set up a Budget per day that you’re willing to Spend

Once you find some keywords that do have some action in your online marketing campaigns, its important to look for more than 10 clicks per day.  Other factors to consider is your ad, is your offer and landing page relevant to the keywords?  Because, if your campaign is about providing a service, but one of your keyword is a product, and there is no connection with either. Nobody will click on your ad. (thank god!)  You may end up seeing lots of impressions but no click through. Means kill the keyword.

One last thing to consider  is that with all the configuration tailored to your campaign.  It is accurate to say that if you find the right keywords with enough businesses advertising, ($ to be made) and matches the amount of  estimated clicks per day and fits within your budget.   Google Adwords Estimated Traffic may be the holy grail of keyword search tailored to your search marketing.


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