Analytics Importances For 2010


If you run a business that has an online presences, then you should be tracking your traffic. But not just tracking traffic, but for a specific purpose, and that is for any form of conversions in your marketing campaigns.

There are many forms of metrics to use, some are paid and some are free.  Here are some that you can look at for 2010.

  • Adobe acquisition of Omniture will enable one to track their “Flash” driven website. In the past it has been a mystery, now Adobe has the power tools to track.   The ability to embed Omniture tracking capabilities within Adobe files will be extremely valuable to marketers, as they will finally have insight into how users interact with their websites and web properties. Measurement functionality will show interactions with the content (e.g., where people are abandoning within a PDF and what content is visible above the drop-off area), which will enable marketers to better optimize their efforts.
  • Google Analytics offer free tools, that is an invaluable tool for everyone.  There are pros and cons with using free tools. The main downfall is a lack of privacy and control over tracked data. Depending on the company, free solutions will more than suffice, but for others, enterprise solutions are a better analytics solution.

Mobile Market

Mobile market is not to be dismissed, according to eMarketer.  From an analytics perspective, mobile is here! eMarketer reports that 42 percent of mobile users accessed the internet through their devices in 2009, 25% used their phones to update a social network, and 30% conducted online research on their phone.

Measuring and analyzing mobile behavior will be crucial in 2010 as marketers find new ways to utilize this medium. Mobile users are active and engaged; if marketers can connect here, they can expand these relationships across any number of platforms.

Analysis is an important part of what web analytics professional does. All the data in the world won’t mean anything if it cannot show a problem or highlight a problem. Once its confirmed then a solution is followed up and implemented. Tracking is big in the ecommerce arena because we have epoxy paint products to sell. But its even more important for a service as well, even if you’re in the Bathroom Remodel market.

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