Aware of Mobile Market

Search marketing on PC maybe affected due to the mobile market.  According to Hitwise, roughly 60% people own a smartphone and the number is still climbing. Mobile market will affect the search market for pc user in terms of usability and business.

If your business has a website, its important to have a mobi version. The differences is that “mobi” is the skeleton version, however with the new OS for smartphones. Websites can be viewed with ease. But, remember you should still keep your website lean for easy loading.

We mention usability and business are factors that search market will be affected.
Usability – For the mobile user its about conveniently using their search button, scrolling, and tapping to get the information, once found – tap another button to make a direct call.
Mobile Apps is what makes these things possible, to customize what you’re into combine with either GPS/Geo Locating technology. Customizing what you do on the smartphone is information that you need to know and understand.

Knowledge of how mobile marketing works will help your marketing efforts. i.e. There are many mobile apps that utilize feeds on business “reviews” & “feedback” like Yelp. If your business is not in website like Yelp, then chances are your business may not show up in the Local Business. For mobile apps and Local business, we call this citation similar to a link in SEO. Citation is referring to a place of business. The more you have the better.

If you’re selling concrete paint or a Kitchen Remodeler, you should seek out and create and engage in these communities (websites). In the long run, its about getting in the marketing position so people know about you.

How does this translate to your website? Provide a lean, clean, user friendly website with lazer focused content. Give the visitor what they were looking for. (keyword phrases) We can’t say this enough, the statistics that we have observed when it came to conversions. Whether it was for buying some concrete paint or redoing a bathroom. The layout of the website was simple and uncluttered. Thus, produced the most conversions.

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