Reverse Goal Path

Reverse goal path in Google analytics is not something to overlook.  Whats great about this feature is that it shows the entry page and other pages along the way, finally to the goal page. Gives you a clear picture of what visitors are doing on your website.

Unfortunately, doesn’t go into the shopping cart if you have an ecommerce store.  This is the subject of another article, which requires another set of java code to insert.  But worth doing in the long run.

Running the reverse funnel you may see other opportunities and behavior of your unique visitors that you didn’t know like 10% were looking at a particular concrete floor coating page and actually went to the shopping cart from this avenue.

Things you can do to capitalize on this information is to send more traffic to the concrete page with organic search (linking) or paid search for the specific product. Put in a script to record whats going on in the specific page, this just solidifies the activities.

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