Geo Targeting Profitable Areas With Google Analytics

Here’s a quick tip from Google Analytics (from ROI Revolution) if you’re selling nationwide. This has to do with geographic targeting, with this feature on Google Analytics you’re able to see which city and states are making money. You can view the traffic from  Google Adwords and Analytics.

With this information you can set up separate campaigns at a higher bid taking advantage of the market. If you see locations that isn’t doing much for you. In those instances, you can lower your bid in the campaign, or simply not market in the area.

How do you see this in your Google Analytics? Simple, go to your Map overlay  section. See the illustration above as it shows the visitors, revenue, goal conversion, and other metrics from different parts of the world. You can click on a region to drill down the information.

Here’s the good stuff to find the geo areas that have the golden nuggets or bags of garbage. You want to view any report and change your dimension to targeting to Continent, Sub Continent Region, Country/Territory, Region, or City:

After assessing the data, you can pinpoint the areas that is profitable or exclude it. Using Google Adwords you can now make the appropriate changes to attack (market) the profitable areas.  This approach is very effective in any market like epoxy paint, underwater mp3 players, medieval armor, etc…  Can work for services that are marketing in their local areas if that area that is profitable. (this is for services like attorneys, tile shower, hardwood installers)

In summary, running your ads in profitable areas and adjusting your budgets to reflect where the best traffic comes from can’t help but boost your paid search investment.

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  1. Game says:

    I have used this and can say that it is very useful for keeping track of everything.

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