Quality Link Campaigns


Getting ranked in the major search engines does require an amount of backlinks. Not all links are created equal, yes a link is just a link. However, if you’re conducting a link campaign for world wide domination in your own market.  Having a thounsand links will not just cut it. (this only helps in a low market – usually worthless)

If your market is not as competitive as credit cards, then getting worthless links will help you. But if you’re in a tightly fisted markets like epoxy paint | carpet woodinville | or Seattle Loan Modification.  Your links needs to be coming from a more trusted sites. The following types of links will help you rank with less links than you think.  But, don’t get me wrong, you still have to be getting quantity of links, but quality really shines! Here are the different types of links:

  1. Diversity of Sources 30% – means get as many links from different websites.
  2. Anchor Text 30% – Your hypertext link is the keywords that you’re trying to rank for.
  3. Trust/Authority 25% – Get your links from solid sites from your industry.
  4. Raw Link Juice 10% – If you get a link from a nobody directory your link juice is a zero or -0.  But if you get a link from CNN, your link juice is higher.

Ok, thats it for now, if you have more specific Q’s drop a line!

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