Engage in Social Media and They Will Come


Social Media is big, how are you using social media for your business? Are you utilizing it for SEO in linking campaign, local search, or to increase your brand? Whatever the answer all of the above is fine. Where social media shine is the use of the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare to name a few.

Before we get into the meat of social media marketing, I’d like to break down some good and bad points about social media.

  • SEO – using social media for search engine optimization for organic placement is not a good approach. Now this works fine if your company is a name brand like Apple, Dell, BestBuys, etc..  Your brand must be trusted thru the eyes of Google.  – So best approach for a brand new business like Seattle Construction Attorneys is to join communities  within the Twitter, Facebook. and engage with others.  Key Points don’t sell!  not yet at least.  You want to gain people awareness & trust of who you are. Once the shields have been broken down, and have great rapport with many then tell them about your special boat paint or that Luxurious carpet showroom in Redmond.  Another thing to note you don’t have to join 20,000 social media sites, just focus on 1 or 2, and you guessed it use facebook and/or twitter. As they are the most popular and they are the 800 lb Ape of the Internet.
  • Local Citation – use social media to increase your exposure thru engagement with people, offer advices and if they ask for more solutions – thats where you step up to the plate – in essences with engagement is the rapport that you build up with others & they will reference you – this is the digital way of word of mouth
  • Think Outside the Box – Using social media has to be innovative to get people to respond – here’s an example from Dickson Legal thru the use of Gowala (4square for mobile) , let’s say a prospect client needs some assistances in loan modification with their default mortgage – well they find Dickson Legal via facebook – and the law firm has xy% discount on the 2nd legal consultation and a free cup of mojo. But they have to go to Krispy Kreme 2x to document that they were at the location via gowala with their mobile phone.

So does the example sound far fetched? No Way, there’s a mini Van (meal on wheels that specializes in Awesome soft tacos) that roams Los Angeles, wherever they go they Twitter where they will be.  Last an ecommerce site that promotes epoxy paint can use Facebook to notify all of DIY and Paint Contractors that there’s free shipping on Mil Specs paint from 2-4pm.

Bottom line is engage with your friends and prospects then slowly point them to your product or service, and always think outside the box to use Social Media. I can assure you if you do what is suggested you will cover the word of mouth form of digital marketing that can transends into the offline world & your SEO efforts.  Any more questions leave a comment.

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