How To Use Pivot Tables in Excel For SEO


This is for you desk jockeys that are super experts in the Excel field. For business owners its important to know the advantage of using Excel to track and read your online stats. If you haven’t heard of using “Pivot Tables” in excel, then you haven’t met any Excel Ninjas.

Sorry back to the business owner, using “pivot tables” you can see a visualization of whats going on inside your boat paint ecommerce site or who’s clicking on your opt in button ceramic tile woodinville, and seattle construction attorneys sites.

The visualization of the chart is a the “Killer”, its really boring looking at cells and tables. With pivots you can transform simple to complex data into easy understand visuals that convey the message. The above pics shows a simple one, but here’s one from SEOMoz:

If you really want to impress your boss or other business owners. Next time you come out and to do a presentation, “Shock & Awe!”  them with pivot tables & charts. I know I didn’t cover the tutorials on this but you can go to Microsoft Excel and theres lots to read. In the future post, I can cover some simple pivot techniques.


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  1. Kyle Alm says:

    This would be a great post if there were some information on how to actually make that spreadsheet. Or a link to the SEOMoz article that explains it.

    1. spidermarket says:

      I may have had a brain fart, when writing this with 100 things going thru my head, Good point, I will come back to this article to update it. In the meantime, go to this page ,, Once you’ve tried it yourself, its quite simple, I like the drag & drop feature (plugging in)to display the output.

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