Best Ways to Find Your Money Making Phrases

How do you know if the keyword phrase that you selected is worth going for? Is it going to make you money? Are people going to be calling you or buy some epoxy paint from your site? This is a quick primer on figuring out if your keyword phrase is profitable.

  1. Choose the keyword phrases from your log server, and analytics that has been identified as possible money phrases.
  2. Fire up a pay per click campaign – insert the keyword phrase but be sure to choose as “exact phrase” – point the traffic to your most relevant page on your website – Measure your the traffic, track impressions & conversion rates over 100 to 200 clicks
  3. Use the data collected, make an educated guess as to what the value of a single visitor coming in for keyword phrases – Here’s an example – Let’s say your site generated 5000 impressions, and 100 visitors have come to your site, and 3 bought from you for a total profit (not revenue) of $300 – Means a single visitor for this keyword phrase is worth approx $3 to your business. With a 5K impression you could possibly generate a click thru rate of 30-40% with a #1 ranking (organic) – this means 1500-2000 visitors at $3 each or $1.75 million dollars per year!  🙂

Ok, maybe not an exact science but the possibility is huge on what your website can do in the personal injury or Carpet Redmond industry. This is just with a ranking of #1, but what if this was a double listing (#1,#2) your website along with your PPC ad – the chances of you dominating the market is awesome!

Getting back to finding your profitable keyword phrases, there maybe other ways to filter out the best money maker, but as of now this method works for us in the criminal defense, home remodeling, ecommerce, and affiliate marketing arenas.

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