Crawlable Link Structures


Search engines needs to see content in order to list pages in their massive keyword indices database. Search engine bots needs to be able to crawl the link structures. The spiders needs to be able to find the pathway of a website. The more obstacles (broken links) in your website the harder it is for the the bots to index your site, which can affect your web page indices.

Some Other Reasons Why Spiders Can’t Index

Here are some other reasons why the spiders from search engines can’t follow your links:

  • Links in a Submission Forms
  • Links in Un-Parseable Javascript
  • Links only accessible thru Search – similar to submission forms
  • Links in Java, Flash, or Plugins
  • Links on pages with many other links  – like in a directory

Basically, search engines bots won’t even bother to try to follow thru these gaps. Now we’re not saying don’t implement these things on web pages. Improving your usability for the users experiences you may need to have that flash or submission forms to get feedback. There are other solutions as to see how effective is the 3D Epoxy Paint Flash image gallery or submit form by implementing the google analytics codes set up for optimizing and tracking the events.

Bottom line is what we’re driving is that the goal is to have a clean spiderable HTML links that will allow the spiders easy access to your content pages for your Seattle Will Attorneys or Carpet Redmond businesses.

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