Ways to Signal Search Engines of New Content


One of the questions that came up from a client is when you publish some content in your website, how do you get this index by a major search engines? or How does the major search engines know that you have content? This is a very good question.

The natural answer is that if your website gets constant traffic, chances are the major search engines like Google will be coming by with its bots to discover your new content. This can take up to a week or more, but suppose you want the bots from search engines to come faster, what do you do?

The answer is you would utilize a service like “Pingomatic” or “PingGoat” (Rss & Atom Feed) to send your newly published content to its source of hubs. Once this is done the search engines will pick up on this signal and send their bots to investigate where the originating source is. (that’s your content) Depending on the competitiveness of the subject & keyword phrases your content could possibly get organically ranked.

Through an SEO perspective this would be great for getting traffic, but is this in real time? Almost in this perspective – The other question to the other side of SEO coin, will the subscriber get this newly information thru a service like “pingomatic”?  Answer is Yes & No, the newly info does not go directly to the subscriber thru this method.

This is important to understand because if your content is being pushed to a market in the hardwood Redmond or Seattle Wills attorneys. This means that the subscribers are really not getting the information right away.

Solution PubSubHubbub

The solution may lie in pushing our content to a hub. (Pubsub) This hub pushes the content to the subscribers directly. At this time nobody controls the hub. Google has hinted they do monitor hubs to discover newly content!  Sorry if you’re getting confused with Pingomatic – Pingomatic sends its signal to a variety of directories for subscribers to pull the information from (its like in Technocrunch you do a search to see updated content with the iPhone)

Why do this when the content automatically goes to the subscriber when you do the PubSubHubbub. For more information on this go to pushing fast content. This may be a quicker way of getting content out for SEO purposes and for relevant traffic in your market.


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  1. some interesting points. SEO is a long process and some clients expect results within a few days!! Looking forward to your next post. Thanks

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