Google Instant Preview Factor For Increasing CTR


Google Instant Preview, this is another new feature that Google has on their SERP, if activated. When you  click on the magnifying glass in your listing. The example in the picture above is for the term “carpet installation Bothell“.  Google will display the web page next to the SERP listing on the right. Pretty neat thing to showcase.

Why I think this is neat and a good thing is that the snippet picture of your website in the SERP can be a factor for increasing your click throughs. In the past articles we have talked about the importance of the meta title & description tag and how this relates to an adword ad. Now we have a 3rd factor that can increase your click through rate. Meaning your visitor reading the listing and seeing the picture of your website may be incline to click on your listing to see more.

In the past web design may have been a separate entity when it comes to SEO. But now it seems like web designs may overlap with the SEO thru the perspective of first impression. Hence, Google Instant Preview features.

Obviously, so far this is our opinion, we are in the midst of testing and tracking this.  We will have more conclusive findings in the coming months. Any comments please do so.


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  1. Staci Gauny says:

    I was just noticing this yesterday, and I absolutely loved the instant preview.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful post!


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