Infographics for Marketing & SEO


Everyone has heard of infographics as being a great way to tell a story. Not just story but a visual map of the story and/or to convey data visually. How does this affect online marketing and SEO? It matters greatly, as this can be unique content.

In the past when we (SEO) conducted a link building campaign. There was always some form of directory submissions, and link wheel combined. Most of the content was text type of content. Infographics offers a new way to view facts with visuals.

The pros of this is that infographics and videos may be the choice of content to push out to the social channels. People like to be entertained, they don’t read. They scan to see the vital information. Its important to provide laser targeted content for the people.

How Do You Get a Link
You can insert the link in the image, make it as a hyperlink when visitor click on the image. The other way is to let visitor naturally link to it. If the message is compelling enough, people will share and tweet about it to their friends. That are friends to another batch of friends, you get the idea. We have tested some awesome infographics and it works.

The Downside
The downside is, it can be time consuming, not creative, and not photoshop incline. But just like in creating slideshow and converting it to a video. Takes a little practice and you’re off like a meteor with full of ideas.


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