3 Awesome Twitter Tools


There are some great social media tools that are available, for twitter users that listens in to the world wide users.  There are 3 tools that I’d like to share about and how to use it for productivitiy. These 3 tools are used due to being free.  These tools can be used in SEO, and Online Marketing.  Here they are, have a look.

Follower Wonk  –  look up the power of twit users, so you know who to follow and can influence others (Search Engines).

Time.ly – Timely figures out when the best time to tweet. Think its nothing, think again, if you want to pass on messages to someone that you want attention. Tweet when they’re most likely to be tweeting, this makes a huge difference in getting a response.

The Archivist – This twitter analytics pulls its information from Twitter API, you can get information on who is tweeting about a subject, who is top tweeter for that subject, get multiple info on users, get colorful graphs & data. Very nice tool to have.

How to Use

How do you use the 3 tools? Simply use follower wonk to find your heavy influencer and mark them. Go to Timely, input the heavy influencer user and know when the best time that they tweet. What to tweet about? Yes, what you want to do is go to the Archivist and plug in the words that you’re thinking that they tweet about. Behold, you will get the results in colorful charts.  With all these information, as a marketer you should know when to push out your marketing messages to these fine folks.

If you know of other useful similar free twitter tools, please share.


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