Facebook Open Graph Bookmarklet

I have this new bookmarklet that was created by Mike King of iAcquire. I just altered it a little for this application.

What this bookmarklet does is that it will display what the Facebook Open Graph would look like of segments if your web page has marked.

The important thing to understand is that when your viewers like your Facebook button. The data is then shown on the wall of that person and your like widget. (vary on your widget display) Socially this is the way to go to share this, and through the SEO perspective. This signal gets index by the search engine, which is a big plus.

Social signals does not cause your website to rank, but the search engines do detect the signal. Social search maybe an indirect factor in the search algorithm.

So here is the bookmarklet, all you need to do is drag this to your bookmark —->
Opengraph Meta <—

What is cool about this is that you can use this to spy on your competitor to see if they’re using the Facebook markup.  Again, as I stated, its not about being cool to have this tool, but using it on your blog, website to expand your branding.


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