Mobile Apps is about Single Page Applications

With the recent trends in more mobile traffic, I’ve gotten more into learning to build apps so that I can drive traffic and $$ for my clients. This post is by no means a technical write up on coding, but more at a newbie level.

There are many different types of framework to choose from, such as Jquery Mobile, Sencha, Kendo and Ionic Framework. To make this story short I chosed Ionic for its simplicity. Ionic framework works with AngularJs, yes this is a javascript framework. I had originally started with Jquery, but found that for mobile the library was just too heavy and much lag time.

I didn’t go native with java or ObjectiveC for ios or android, but going for a what’s called hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are written from HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. Ionic framework is the wrapper, AngularJs is the workhorse in terms of communicating with the data and injecting the view. It’s what you see on the page.

I only want to address the differences in the makeup of mobile apps vs a web apps in terms of views. With web applicatons we navigate from a page to another page by URL’s. Where as in a hybrid mobile apps we’re using 70% Javascript to inject the data (information) onto a page. So yeh, there isn’t really a url, but there actually is when coding this inside javascript.

The reason for this way of coding for mobile apps is the nature of the apps, we’re building a “Single Page Application” not multiple web pages. The apps itself is an object that does something like giving you information on the weather based on your device location or highlights stories from your blog which can be hooked up to your shopping cart. The list goes on of what you want to do with your apps.

Another thing that SPA is shooting for is to provide a positive (cool) user experience.


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