How to market your Bizness using Social Media/Geolocation

One of the big trends in online marketing is the ability to let the world knows what and how your business has helped a customer or client. This is through the use of social media instead of relying on search. With social media things can be shared much quicker in terms of digital word of mouth, whereas search relies on the bots to come and index it. Once thats done, and usually its pretty quick, this post gets uploaded into the search result page and display if it meets the search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc..) criteria.

Why social media and geolocation?
Again the goal of social media is like the old days of word of mouth marketing, once you’ve made some big impacts, people and other businesses will know who you are and will want to use your service. The purpose of geolocation is that you want the world, whether it’s international or locally, to know that your business exists and doing great things and what you’re about. Once other people see where you’ve (leaving a digital footprint)helped your customers, people will pique an interest, at least thats the idea of this soft marketing approach.

Here are some quick ways to add social media with an emphasis on using geolocation in marketing for the real world. This method helps you run a marketing campaign that ties the online and offline world together.

Say you offer a service based business like a heating & cooling service or maybe a company that picks up stranded drivers.

First thing first is that I assume everyone (businesses) by now has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the current popular Snapchat. You don’t have to have a profile on all platform, just choose one and stick with it. Be sure to enable the location services. Ok, in the following I’m going to break down by platform on how to market your business based on providing services, stay with me.

Second thing is we’re gong to assume that your business sends out techs to do a job, an estimation or maybe an installation of some sort. Even if you deliver flowers or another version of the “geek squad” coming to help you with computer hardware install.

Next up, I assume your techs have a mobile device with them. Be sure to be logged in with the company favorite social media and here we go.

Upon completion of your tasks, be sure to get the customer sentiments on the job. Taking from Facebook here’s what you do after putting your accomplishments:

Tap the  Check In icon –  this adds a nearby location to your post.


Same thing after completion of your tasks, do the following in your platform:

Tap the location icon.


This platform works with Facebook so be sure to have the location service enabled. Once you post the picture Instagram automatically uses the location.
Tactical takeaways
Be sure to fill out the description with the relevant hashtag. For example, #JonService ws near the #circleofK store for a install/debug, mission accomplish, customer was happy!


Snapchat calls their location services as Geofilters and its a premium service. I won’t go into details on the costs, will let you handle that. Once you have Geofilters enabled and configured all you need to do is snap the images and post.

2           3

Tactical takeaways
Be sure to take multiple images of the tasks, it can be before and after with the description. Or you can capture some real challenges in the taskings highlighting certain steps that made it look better or greatly helped the customer problem. To truly make Snapchat work, you have to think outside the box and really tell the story as if in real-time. This is the differences between Snapchat and Instagram.

Last thing
These examples of businesses and social media platform are just the tip of the iceberg. The important thing is you have to think outside the box on many ways to share the experience. Including great images and narration is vital to this digital way of word of mouth. There are many other social platforms like Foursquare that you can implement, but I’d advise pick one or two. And, get really good at capturing images/videos and narate it in a compelling way so that others may want to share it. Any questions let me know.


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