How you can Market better than Big Brand Real Estate Agency


So you want to get into Real Estate? or maybe you want to sell your own home and do a better job than to have it in the MLS listing with a Real Estate agent. Not saying that you would sell your house within 30 days. But, you can increase your chance of getting more looks (your house) than other houses in the market. The not so secret formula is in videos, yes, its all about videoing your home and layout.

But there’s more to it than videoing, a house that you see on Zillow or Century 21. Take a look at this video, before you start putting up walls of doubts, you just need to think outside the box.

Well, what do you think? As I stated earlier, have an open mind to alternative options if your first doubts are this video was profesionally produced and that your property is nothing compared to your own home.

Here’s the secret sauce that you can apply about this video.

  • Copy the way the video is arranged
  • Copy the way the layout of the video
  • Copy the way how they narrate the video
  • Copy the way how they use the voice sound to make it an emotional experience
  • Implement what other things that you see in the video to mimic for your own property
  • Push the video out through as many Social Media channels as possible

Were you expecting something really special? Well, if you apply some of these suggestions to your video, your video will stand out more than the others. What, you don’t have a camera? If you’re limited in your resources, believe it or not you can do this with your smart phone. The idea is to take many shots, gather the compilation and edit. The magic is in the editing process, actually detail. (Walt Disney coin this term) If you’re strapped for cash and still think this isn’t worth doing and can’t. Then, you’re not hungry enough. If you still need more guidance on this, feel free to contact me in the comments below.

Some other facts about the video above. Video views on Facebook is over 11 million with over 92K shares.


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